10 Feb 2015

Dating More Than One Guy

tamsenQ: I have a pretty active dating life, but it’s getting hard to juggle my calendar! Any advice on how to make sure I don’t double book and can squeeze everyone in. I don’t want to just date one guy right now after a recent break-up.

A: So many men, so little time? What a great problem to have!  The answer, is to compartmentalize and prioritize.  Here are a few ways to enjoy several men at once:

It’s Just Gonna Be Lunch
You don’t know him that well, but you are intrigued by him and are attracted to him. He is inconsequential, but for some reason you are strangely interested. This guy should be your coffee and/or lunch date. Get to know him before you give him one of your nights.

You are incredibly attracted to him. He’s hot and sexy, but is incapable of any long term commitment.  The less you have to talk to him the better. Enjoy him on Thursday, Friday or Saturday nights. Those are the nights When Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.

Sunday Brunch Man
This guy is leading the pack! He has it together, and you could fall for him in a second, but you are moving slowly and evaluating his every move. You will want a lot of face time with this guy, so he is your Sunday Brunch Man. Sundays are personal, intimate days. Whomever you share that day with, may eventually be the one you share all the others with too.