10 Feb 2015

Accept Joy & Let Go Of Fear

I am always intrigued by people who say so much with so few words. Tonight, Amy Adams was one of them. During her acceptance speech at the Golden Globes she was thanked her daughter, Aviana. Here is what she said: “My daughter Aviana who is not old enough to understand this – but I love you so much … thank you for teaching me to accept joy and let go of fear.”

Accept joy and let go of fear. If you think about this, it’s what holds all of us back at one time of another. For many years it was hard for me to accept joy. The little things: talking on the phone with my family, walking the dog, a great movie, a good book or a conversation with someone I had not talked with in a long time.

Even though we are a few weeks into 2014 – I have decided that is going to be my motto: Accept Joy and Let Go Of Fear.

1. Say yes. It’s so easy to just say no, but I have found when I say no, I am really saying I am afraid.

2. Surround yourself with real people. Life is too short to always be on display trying to be someone you are not. Accept joy by accepting real people into your life who let you be yourself.

3. Believe you deserve it. I spent a lot of time not convinced I deserved the good things that were happening to me. When I look back I realize I should have been embracing those moments and loving them instead.

4. Realize this IS your life. There are days that I think I am waiting for “that” or “this” to begin. Those times are right NOW. Every single day is your life – the future is what we are living.

You don’t need a Golden Globe to live a golden life. Accept Joy and Let Go Of Fear and make 2014 award winning.